Give Me Something To Sing About

He felt like the forest closes over him, trees bending to crush him, the moss swallowing him. The moons crashed, now the gaping mouth of the empty sky was tearing him with teeth made of stars. The whole nature saw him as enemy and he could not run… he felt like darkness, that resides in caverns and under the rocks, touches his soul with hungry foggy fingers…


As her face turns at the moon
the pale skin covered with moss and blood
her love for him reached through the forests
to exhale into the sky, leaving black muddy drops

The root, the bone and the stone
her mind lost and her heart too
The feathery owl soaring into the night
her voice ringing hollow in the void

The flowers tangled into the owl shape
the mandala of life, the veil of oaken branches
deri, banadyl, erwein
She was lost before anyone knew
loneliness her name

Mal Ramblings #1

It’s that expression when you are gonna go batshit crazy over a one small word.

skekMal: I HAVE MORE ARMS THAN YOU. Deal with it.

You dare to stand between me and yourself??

The Ash Grove

the ash grove, cinder falling from the sky
the night stretches around the trees
turning into blight
the petals scratching my skin
carnal flowers eating my heart
as the mud flows from my eyes
I don’t remember who I was

the ash grove, filled with the sorrow of thousands
the blight turns into fire
the supernova of feelings
as I search for the one
who I lost

the ash growth, beneath
deep into the crackled soil
the ashen birds sing around the monument
the roots reach my feet
the grey vines entangle me

I am the one who was lost
give me breath, call for the birds of the sun
let them sing me into freedom, with pearly voices lift me up
until I turn one with the end of the world
in the ash grove