The buildings blink, dark faces illuminated by the striking warm lights. The darkness, full of smoke; dirty streets, gaping holes of the empty houses, the huge bureaus, made of steel and stone, tired silhouettes of the late workers, the blue gleam in huge rooms – tiny enclaves of peace in the hungry night.

This is my city.

I woke up here, long ago, to be a shadow that devours the blood that beats in its veins.

I breathe with the traffic, laughing in the hazy midnight glory.

Everything changed when the S T O R M came. Only me and her, standing against the downpour. Uproaring, it rages above our heads.

The city still inhales the waste, oblivious against the world’s flounce. I touch her arm when she appears, and we drift into nothingness, together.

We want to believe that this is not the end. That we are not the end…
but, now…

… b e o n e w i t h m e…

While the night melts around us.

Glass Sand

You swim in distant see, looking for home

Drifting like a wood, finding yourself

on the shores of the crystal beaches

I roam the forests, hunting my shadows

tasting my own blood

tearing my own skin

maybe I will hear you

when the glass sand’s murmur brings

the calling of your freed soul

The Hunter misses his Huntress….

Less People

When the spring blooms and the storms wash the ground, I can be found in the forest, walking with black metal in headphones, searching for the new miracle.

I want more birds. More moss. More spiders between the branches. More leaves covering the sky.

Less people.


The darkness that pours from the wounds
enclosing like a mud, sticking to the skin
embracing like an ominous lover
the madness deep inside
that cannot be removed by ghosts of the past
that inhabit the manor of the soul

The black door, always on my mind
when I try to fight the demons
grinning widely, forcing themselves into life
that seemed lost, yet keeps breathing

the angels on the horizon
how to reach them when the murk binds so much?
I am tenebrous maiden that breathes the eternal night
Eclipse my name

New Dream

something in the air making me wave like the sea
my hair full of shells and dreams
I am scared it’s the last day on this Earth
dancing makes my fear drown in the ocean

the sound of drums, somewhere in the darkness
the roots decaying in the ground catch me by the feet
when I am lost in fire and flame

the earth screams
the water comes, rumbling in the distance
soon will cover the whole world
and I will never fear again
decaying with the roots and dancing
under the bold new faint sun
on new world

giving life to a young new dream

The Core of Happiness

  • a lonely hunter, surrounded by the halo of the setting sun.
  • the day passing, darkness creeps from the east.
  • the fluffy cat approaches.
  • nuzzles lonely hunter in his cheek, hitting him just in the eye with a tail and scratching his hands with claws.
  • hunter is no lonely anymore.

Aesthetic for Today #1

Seeking for bones, the earth flows through my fingers…

Give Me Something To Sing About

He felt like the forest closes over him, trees bending to crush him, the moss swallowing him. The moons crashed, now the gaping mouth of the empty sky was tearing him with teeth made of stars. The whole nature saw him as enemy and he could not run… he felt like darkness, that resides in caverns and under the rocks, touches his soul with hungry foggy fingers…


As her face turns at the moon
the pale skin covered with moss and blood
her love for him reached through the forests
to exhale into the sky, leaving black muddy drops

The root, the bone and the stone
her mind lost and her heart too
The feathery owl soaring into the night
her voice ringing hollow in the void

The flowers tangled into the owl shape
the mandala of life, the veil of oaken branches
deri, banadyl, erwein
She was lost before anyone knew
loneliness her name

Mal Ramblings #1

It’s that expression when you are gonna go batshit crazy over a one small word.

skekMal: I HAVE MORE ARMS THAN YOU. Deal with it.

You dare to stand between me and yourself??