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Barghest of the Moor

the dog silhouette

surrounded by the green light

after you, he walks

chosen prey of the hunter

among the moors

through the music of the sorrowful symphony

his howl moans your name

the ghastly sound of the undoing

the barghest

bound to you, pain-filled inamorata

the air thick with pain

the fog choking your throat

the hound

his gleam like hellbound light

in the past, hidden secrets

the ancestors’ redemption

through your sacrifice

through your blood


We all have our own balrogs to slay, to emerge stronger than before.

the silence of the wind between the peaks

like a thick cocoon envelops my senses

digging into my body with claws

drinking my blood like an upir

a song engraved on my soul

however my mouth are closed

I am silent as snow fluff

like an ice-covered mountain

Caradhras grew up in me

where I look – frozen stalactites

where I look – the landscape of death


The demon sleeps in me, it has the shape of my fear.

It burns with crimson inferno, burns and calls, tries, and tries, whispers – leap into me, swim in me, immerse in the depths of me, become me. Fire will clean you – of everything, of your body and thoughts, of your pain and suffering.

It will leave the burning witch, calling on the gods who are also burning, blazing with even higher flame. Chronos laughs and ashes the field that I irrigated all spring.