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    In the deep white forest
    the freedom spreads its wings
    the button-eyed bird left the graveyard of walls
    its divided soul soars freely with the wind

    no more guarding the empty brick walls
    they buried deeper, to abandon the earth
    a thousand of weeping widows holding them in embrace of tears
    the cotton bird shattered its cage
    and the button eyes fell off
    to show the breathing and untamed

    wild and fierce

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    Time to Hunt Again

    the forest filled with crimson, vermillion and black
    branches scratch over, the darkness around weeps
    the scent of prey haunts like an apparition
    the blood runs faster; water of life storms the caves of the mind
    the slain run with me, catching my feet
    nothing can slow down the wild red river

    it’s time to hunt again

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    Hunter’s Moon; Red Stars

    the red sun, wild moon
    ashen earth under my feet, each rock shaped by the centuries
    the barren land welcomes its owner
    crimson blood flows through the cracks, thriving; always hungry

    wolven lights above my head
    guiding me home
    where I stand, dust spins and sways
    forgotten by ancestors, lonely as a star in the vast blackness

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    Glow and Moss

    the light stone forest, swirling in my veiled mind
    mirage against my common sense
    the rocks shine with an unearthly gleam
    as I step into the kingdom of moss

    the root and the stone
    branches; wood in my blind eyes
    my blood gives life
    to the age of glowing wonder

    the crackled heart torn in half
    fruit of darkness lost to the past

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    the mists among the trees hide the unknown
    as I run through the forest, feet touching the black ground
    the red pool fills itself with crimson water
    the howling in my mind restless and untamed

    the freedom calls, a deep yearning
    the ghosts haunt me, running by my side

    the last that lives forever
    the unbound and unbroken

    The mists among the trees cover the branches
    their song reaches me among the roar of the wild wind

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    sister pestilence and brother famine
    with night they walk and at day they rule
    they dethrone the fame and devour the power
    feeding on the body and the soul

    the death comes welcomed as their reign fills the heart
    the three crows’ watchful eyes
    follow the path of the dead

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    Release the Birds

    release the birds, let them return
    the black wings severing air into pieces
    the cage can’t hold them too long
    release them until they reach for you

    the sky shakes as you tremble
    and your manor’s foundation ruined
    birds returned to claim the throne
    here she comes, the Raven Sister

    with eyes like black coals and feathers made of stone
    her raven brothers tearing the flesh and leaving debris

    release the birds
    release your soul
    condemned hands unmasking your veils
    the tree loses the colours turning grey

    scaoil na héin

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