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Who is the best ever? Who, who?

This lady!

This gurl rules whole galaxy and I follow her, even if she proabably leaves me for death.

All in the name of survival, of course. Nothing personal.

Kingdom of Fools

The skeksis rule my life. There is no hope for me anymore.

Yup. You heard right, you old bastard. I love you all.

Scary much

skekMal: *in the process of scaring the hell out of the Scientist*

Proud to be that ominous bastard since a very first trine.

wanna hug?

Mal Ramblings #1

It’s that expression when you are gonna go batshit crazy over a one small word.

skekMal: I HAVE MORE ARMS THAN YOU. Deal with it.

You dare to stand between me and yourself??