April 2020:

The Ash Grove, Mal’s Ramblings #1, Blodeuwedd, Give Me Something To Sing About, Aesthetic for Today #1, The Core of Happiness, New Dream. Eclipse

May 2020:

Less People, Glass Sand, We, Give Me…, Gale Is Coming, By the River, Scary Much, Impact, Wild Heart

June 2020:

Keeping Things Close, Blood, Mordant, Inner Pale Sun, 12 Hours, Burn, Caradhras

July 2020:

Forest Leaves and Pucks, Buttons and Cotton, Hell Above Heaven Absent, Witch Light, Doors Shut, Luminous, Barghest of the Moor, Abandoned, Shadow of the Vampire, It Happens, Kingdom of Fools

August 2020:

Short Story Called Life, A Minute Apocalypse, Fae Realm, Pavilion

September 2020

Gothic Mood, Grim, Kathe, Eternal, Silence

October 2020

Autumn Solace, Fimbulvetr. A Wolven Tale, Where I Belong, The Sting, State of Things, The Sea, The Spell

November 2020

The Soul in Eclipse, Child Sees Ghosts, Wannabe, Remember, Like a Witchling, Licorice, The Dawn and the Bird, To Goth or not to Goth, Between Realities