• poetry


    The mists swirl
    cloak made of dust and wind
    the islands float above my head
    I am starcrossed, the mate of the Selene
    and the blood it gives
    the weeping sky fulfills my craving
    as I jump into nothingness
    the mist covers my body
    and dives with me, to take a hold
    on the core of this world
    the darkness hidden within
    within my fingers, it crumbles
    the lover of the red moon
    the chosen of the mourning star

  • poetry

    Woody Nightshade

    forest dreams green and tangled
    mossy freckles on the face of the earth

    forest life woody and dark
    nightshade smirking in the dusk

    forest eternity long and steady
    murmuring softy between the leaves

    forest dreams
    green and tangled
    rays of sun grinning in the dawn

    the black rich soil whispers under my feet
    as I walk and see the ethereal fire

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